Monday, January 23, 2017


My assessment of evidence in my project i personally thought was good. the part i am most proud of are the screenshots. Something i wish i did differently was i wish i made it look a little better. A challenge i had during this process was finding a time i had addressed social inequality i overcame it by making a post about social inequality. A success that i had during this project was when i put the final touches on it and completed it.
My greatest strength was how i demonstrated being i digital leader. I think this was my greatest strength because i think i demonstrated being a digital leader well. Please watch my presentation and leave a comment on this blog!

Thursday, December 22, 2016


   A person meeting me for the first time digitally would most likely see me as a bystander. I would be seen as a bystander because i don't post on social media much at all. I wouldn't be considered a upstander or perpetuator because i don't do anything on social media to be classified as those.

#2 If my friend came across a insulting post about me and didn't say anything i would be pretty unhappy. In my life i personally haven't experienced one of my friends seeing a negative post about me and say nothing. The conversation that i think would occur in this situation would be relatively calm and probably would be the person who had bad things said about them explaining to their friend how not saying anything offended them.

 #4 On places like youtube and other social media websites that give you the ability to "Thumbs up" or "Thumbs down" a post i personally think it does promote perpetuators because they can easily hurt a person's feelings through this function. These functions can cause more problems because they show people's opinions and the person might not always lik their opinion and get offended and hurt. Another reason this feature can cause more problems is because bullies could gang up together and thumbs down the person video alot to hurt their feelings.

#5 If i wasn't  in the position to confront a bully i would tell an adult. Another thing i would do is report the person to the website that i saw the post on.

Thursday, November 3, 2016



3 Out Of 4  Appeal:Looks And Sound: SWOOOP has pretty good graphics for a app and has relatively good sounds.

3 Out Of 4 Engagement/Motivation: SWOOOP Keeps me pretty engaged most of the time but i could find myself looking away while playing because it is very repetitive. SWOOOP does have a scoring system that can provide some motivation when playing.

4 Out Of 4 User Friendly Directions & Instructions: SWOOOP is very simple to learn and has pretty straight forward gameplay.

4 Out Of 4 Performance/Ease Of Use: SWOOOP performs very well for a app and has nothing really wrong with the performance.

1 Out Of 4: Differentiation in learning: SWOOOP isn't a very hard game I really can't tell if it gets harder as you go but it seems like it somewhat does but by not by much. SWOOOP also doesn't provide any kind of customization besides choosing if you want to have the sound muted or not so that is another weakness.

2 Instances when i would play SWOOOP would be:

1. When i'm really bored
2. If i have nothing else better to do

 My Star Rating for SWOOOP is 3 out of 4 because it is a pretty good game but could be better in the variety department.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

3 Predictions Plz Read

When i google my name i predict these 3 things will come up

1. Facebook Profiles

2. Random People

3. Posts From Various Social Media Profiles


When i googled my name nothing about me really came up. When i decided to look up my online handles a bunch of things tied to me came up Profile Pictures, The People i am friends with,etc etc. My name on the internet seems to not be very rare but the handles i use on multiple platforms bring up a lot more results that are tied to me.